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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Can we purchase a shed off the lot? If so, what is the advantage?
Yes, the advantage is normally a delivery within 1 week.

Do we custom design?
Unless a building is purchased off of the lot, they are all custom designed.

Why buy a Capitol Shed?
Click Here for a List of Reasons to buy from Capitol Sheds.

How can I determine how large of a building I need?
Many times you are better going larger rather than smaller, however, to assist you in determining what size of building you may need, you should visit our On-line Shed Sizer.

Are your buildings engineered to meet state and local code(s)?

Do we install electric?
Most of our buildings are now available with an optional electrical package which includes outlets, a light switch and a light fixture. We do not however connect power to your shed, it is your responsibility to get the power to the shed and connect it to the shed.

A Simple Shed Delivery

See a basic simple shed delivery.

How are your deliveries made?
With a 4 wheel drive pick-up truck and roll back trailer, approximately 40ft total length.

Do we do any site preparation?
No, the area must be cleared and be leveled within 30"

How much clearance is needed to deliver a shed?
If we can go through an opening straight, we need 2 feet wider than the building and up to 14 feet in height on some structures. If you have a fence in the way, most often it will be less expensive to remove a portion of fence to allow access to our truck and trailer than to have the shed built on site.

Do we come and check the property to see if the site can accommodate a shed?
Normally no - as long as the above dimensions are observed. If there is a concern, we would for a fee that is subtracted from the cost of the shed when purchased.

Does Capitol Sheds level the building?
Yes, we block and level up to 30". Typically we start at the highest corner with a 2" solid block and level from that point. Typically we put a block pier every 6 feet or less under the building. All of the sub-floor in our buildings is constructed with 50 year ground contact pressure treated lumber. If you wish to have a building blocked higher than needed to get it level, there may be an additional charge, also if you want us to make an additional trip to make the building higher off of the ground, there will be an additional trip charge.

Does Capitol Sheds anchor the building?
Yes, for an additional cost we will anchor the building, our base anchoring package includes four anchors. The majority of storage sheds that have been placed do not have anchoring, however, since 2014, changes to Virginia building code now require that all buildings no matter the size to be anchored.

Do I need to get a building permit to put a storage shed on my property?
That depends on where you are living. As of 2014, the Virginia state building code does not require a building permit for a single story storage building that is 256 square feet or less in size. However, that does not mean you don't need to get a zoning permit or HOA approval on storage buildings that are 256 square feet or less.

Does Capitol Sheds put skirting around the base of the building?
For an additional charge we may be able to put a lattice work around the base of the building, however this depends upon the site and the shed. Our standard blocking does not include any skirting.

Do we do deliveries on weekends?
No, deliveries are only scheduled for Monday through Friday.

Who builds your sheds?
Our sheds are built by the skilled Amish Craftsmen.

What kind of financing do we have?
We work with Wells Fargo Outdoor Solutions. They will finance up to 5 years, with no prepayment penalty. We also now have a Rent-To-Own option on some buildings.

Why are we closed on Saturday's?
The owner is a Seventh Day Adventist and observes the Biblical Sabbath which is Saturday.

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